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Oh Mis-ter Wil-sonnnnnn…

Dennis_menace.jpgLook folks, the next time you want to send your kids outside to play, fine. Before you do, just please do everyone in Long Island a favor: Rip out their tongues so they don’t run afoul of Bayville, NY’s noise code (which is designed to curb “the shouting and crying of peddlers, hawkers and vendors which disturbs the peace and quiet of the neighborhood”).

A Bayville couple could face jail time because angry neighbors claim their daughters play too loudly in their backyard.

William and Rachel Poczatek must enter a plea in village court today after their neighbors complained to the village that the Poczateks’ two daughters, aged 5 and 11, were making too much noise around the family’s pool.

You hear that, you little gremlins? We’re talkin’ to you. And don’t let me catch you messing up my rose bushes! I’ll be damned if that blasted Mrs. Jenkins takes first place again! Mildred! Fetch my slippers, I’m gonna get the hose and show these little miscreants what for!

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What crummy neighbors! Unless this village is full of cranky old people, children playing isn't so intolerable... I remember being told in my apartment complex that being a loud drunk or flushing the toilet at night could be a noise violation, but kids being kids? Harsh.

The fact that the place is called a "village" (not a "city," not even a "town") speaks volumes.

It takes a village.