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Well that’s one way to avoid having the jury find you guilty

wrist-bandage.jpgThirty-four-year-old Carlos Molina was recently sitting in a Florida court house, facing charges for armed robbery. I’m speculating here, but I think that that Molina’s trial must not have been going very well. Because otherwise, I’m not sure why he would’ve sliced his wrist in open court.

Authorities say the defendant arrived at the courthouse in shackles with jail-issued clothing. Under standard procedure, he was allowed to change clothes and was patted down before entering the courtroom. It is unclear how Molina was able to get the razor in the building.

How’d he get the razor in the building? Uhm, because we’re talking about Florida. I mean, that answer’s as plain as the nose on your face.

(Molina, meanwhile, got a mistrial and will have to go through the whole ordeal again.)

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Just remember kids, it's wrist to elbow! Anything else is just a cry for help!