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Uncle Sam is unimpressed

UncleSamasdf-thumb.gifJose Perez is a brilliant man. He was cruising down the street one early evening, just listening to some tunes. Trouble is, he was listening to them a tad too loud. The cops flagged him down, and Perez pulled into an apartment parking lot. And immediately took off like a bat out of hell.

The cops eventually caught him, and figured out he fled because he had a stolen gun in that car.

But that’s not the bad part.

When he was arrested, Perez gave him false name.

But that’s not the bad part either.

Nah, the bad part, for Perez, is that he’s actually a deported felon with an outstanding warrant.

I suspect Uncle Sam will be throwing Jose out once again. And Jose, the next time you sneak back into the country, you might want to keep your tunes a little less conspicuous, you know?