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Because Sometimes, Smug Just Feels So Good

Keith Olbermann’s offers up another special comment.

Topic: Sarah Palin.

Degree of Smug: 8.5.

Pwn Rating: 9.

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This is the reason I never want to be famous.

I know there is a sex tape out there somewhere...

I hope the Obama campaign is listening!

BUURN! Wow, and 10 minutes too! :)

that was...awesome.

and i hate the overuse of that word, i only use it when i mean it.

I love him.

Goddamn, I feel good.

God, I've never wanted a candidate to win more than McCain if not only for the pure joy of watching Keith's head explode ala "Scanners." He's forehead deep in his own smarmy pile of steaming bs he can't possibly see anything but the hot fumes wafting around his ears. What a complete and total jagov!


I'm sorry but which part of that little segment was he full of shit on? Oh whats that? None? Oh ok right thats what I thought.

jagov? what is that, a new kind of liquor?

Alex - the part where he moves his lips.

Hey! Fantastic lack of response there!

That. Was. Awesome.

Yeah, this is "pwnage" if you guzzle liberal Kool-Aid all day. Some stupid old woman shoots herself because she can't manage her own life, and that somehow makes Obama's terrible judgment -- your most important quality as leader of the country -- a non-issue? I'd like to think liberals aren't THAT stupid, but you guys on the internet aren't giving me much to work with. While you morons were blabbing about stuff you don't understand and denounce McSame and bitching about howit's Bush's fault you ran up your credit card debt and got kicked outta your house that you had no business owning in the first place, I hope you remember to register to vote. Cuz if you didn't, too fuckin' bad. Enjoy the sidelines November 4th.