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Well, Someone at Fox News Is Decent Enough to Call a Bitch a Bitch

300_62402.jpgAlan Colmes — the weird looking liberal over on Fox News (that the one liberal on the channel looks like an alien is probably part of their master plan) — recently took issue with Anne Coulter after she inexplicably demanded an apology, saying that she was somehow in the justified in persistently calling President-elect Obama by only his middle name, Hussein, because he’s decided to go by his full name in his swearing-in ceremony in January.

“I would like my apology now,” she smirked, folding her arms and tossing her head pertly. “I’m ready.”
“Not an apology,” responded Colmes sternly. “He is following tradition in terms of how a president is sworn in. You purposely underscored his middle name, diminishing his first name, to point out that he had the name of a terrorist!”
Coulter, who had previously noted that Obama “also said that this was to ‘reboot’ our relations with the Muslim world,” insisted in response, “It can not simultaneously be a hate crime to use a man’s middle name and … for him to say ‘this is going to change our relations with the Muslim world.’”
“Ann,” Colmes finally said in frustration, “I think you are a hate crime.”
“Thank you,” Coulter replied smugly.

Evil. Pure fucking evil. If her head spun around and she spat out fire, I’d be the least surprised man on Earth.

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Damn...you mean her mouth isn't wired shut anymore? Can we go back to that? There seemed to be more frolicking puppies and pretty rainbows when the bitch was silent.

Wasn't her mouth wired shut?!?

Wait a second. How could you possibly compare her to someone whose head spins around a spits out fire?

Those poor bastards are possessed. Possessed I tell you.

Ann Coulter chooses to spit out the shit she comes up with.

Comparing the two is just plain mean and unfair to the average citizen who just happens to be possessed by an evil spirit or the devil; whatever the case may be.

Satan himself wouldn't possess this bitch.

Anne Coulter is a prime example of what happens if a child isn't spanked enough. She's just begging to be put over someone's knee. Ship her down to Gitmo, and let them paddle her. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.