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Another Law Designed to Keep Lawyers in Bidness

425.fourchristmases.vaughn.witherspoon.lc.102308.jpgThe latest state cyber-bullying law is getting its first test in Missouri after a 21-year-old woman threatened a 16-year-old girl via text message and dumped a can of pork and beans on her car. Apparently, the 16-year-old got a lot of vulgar voice mails and one person even threatened rape, all over some boy. Nicole A. Williams was charged with misdemeanor harassment for sending the voice and text messages, as well as letting her friends to do the same.

The law is part of a growing national trend — 18 states now have laws against cyber-stalking and Internet harassment. Illinois, in fact, has a law going into effect on January 1, stating which prohibits “a website with third-party access that contains ‘harassing statements made for the purpose of alarming, tormenting or terrorizing a specific person.’” Hmmm. What if that harassing statements were aimed at the website owner? In fact, a man threatened to kill my family the other day because I dissed both a movie and Santa Claus in my Four Christmases review.

People take their Christmas movies very seriously. Fortunately, I don’t take their death threats with equal measure.

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this case is a bunch of bull shit...its like girls havnt fought and called names and threatend each other ...the 16 year old should be the one in trouble for being a dumb little girl who needs to grow some balls and handel her problems on her owm

I just have to say that it was this post on a completely different site that told me "hey, this movie has a review on Pajiba!" Unfortunately, Pajiba has gotten so bogged down with posts and comments of every other kind, it's hard to actually catch the movie reviews (might as well just turn it into a site that reviews viewer's comments). Ooh, that was probably too harsh, especially considering this is...a viewer's comment!
Anyway, I love the format of this site, it still has other tidbits thrown in, but it never loses site of its original focus. And if you keep with the cross references to your movie posts, then I guess I can just jump links from here. :)

And for a comment that's actually related to the post: these proposed website harrassment laws scare me a bit. Slippery slope anyone?