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Well, It’s About Damn Time …

13435609_400x400.jpgSeattle police — good men and women with a healthy amount of common sense — have appropriately started ticketing folks who hold up traffic in the passing lane of the freeway, even if they are going the speed limit.

And as well they should.

People that hog the passing lane while refusing to go above the speed limit, while haughtily justifying it in their mind, should be taken out behind a woodshed and run over by a speeding car.

In fact, nationwide, there should be two different speed limits: One for the right lane, and one for the left lane. The speed-limit sign for the left lane ought to read simply: “Go faster, dumbass.”

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"The reason for the law is to help keep traffic moving and to diffuse potential road rage situations.

'It just takes one thing to set them off,' Leary said of frustrated drivers stuck behind slower moving vehicles. 'If we can alleviate one of those things, maybe we can avoid an assault.'"

While I agree with ticketing people for slowing down traffic, I'm not sure I like that line of reasoning. The police should not be spending resources and enforcing laws with the intent of preventing adult hissy-fits. If you don't think you can drive without losing your temper over something like that, get off of the road.

It might be more prudent to simply raise the speed limit for the freeway, and then expect people to follow that new limit.

If you don't think you can move your ass, maybe you shouldn't be in the freaking fast lane. There are, by definition, several other choices.

I think this is brilliant.

thank everything holy! I moved to oregon and quickly saw this regional quirk in action.

Have you ever been behind a truck (washington plates) and an RV pacing each other at 55 while you flash your lights and honk your horn for 5 minutes? Well then you know what it means to hate.

ps. Dustin, they do different speeds in different lanes in Chile, works beautifully

To quote the late, great, Carlin:

“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?”