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Clinton Holds Hand with Unidentified Woman; Canada Goes Apeshit

bill-clintonadsfasdf-thumb.jpgUpdate (6/26): We had to take the original picture down because we’re too poor and/or cheap to pay the licensing fee, but you can clink on the link to see the wild and raucous image for yourself.

The Edmonton Sun caught this image on camera and ran wild with it:

An Edmonton Sun photo of Bill Clinton holding hands with a smiling young woman has launched a new storm of gossip and speculation for the randy ex-commander-in- chief.
When the former U.S. president came to Edmonton for a speaking engagement on Friday, the Edmonton Sun snapped a photograph of Clinton holding the hand of an unidentified woman, who is now rumoured to be a campaign worker for his wife, Hillary.

Hmmm. I think it’s safe to say that, here in America, we’ll wait until Bill gets caught with his hand on a woman’s ass and his pants around his ankles before we even start to think about thinking about getting outraged. Holding hands with an unidentified woman is just a Friday morning for Clinton.