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I thought he was just a hotrod builder?

ministry-cover.jpgIn Australia, a 16-year-old boy has been arrested because he had the audacity to wear a t-shirt. Down under, they’ve got this Summary Offences Act 2005 which makes public nuisance illegal and, apparently, t-shirts are public nuisances. To be fair, the shirt did have a picture of a nun masturbating with a huge slogan on the back reading “Jesus is a cunt,” but still — who would find that offensive or blasphemous?

And since Australia doesn’t have our lovely little First Amendment, you can get arrested for publicly blasphemous statements like that. One local lawyer says this story is exactly why the country needs its own Bill of Rights: “One of the great problems with our country is that we talk about rights such as privacy and freedom of speech and the like but they are not enshrined or protected in any way as they are in America.”


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Like the use of the Ministry cover! Al probably would have been locked up long, long ago in Australia!

No surprise this was in Queensland - a state that makes Mississippi in the 60's (as shown in "In the Heat of the Night") look the very model of progressive politics and policing. See Johannes Bjelke-Petersen and his police commissioner Terry Lewis for more.