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Well, I Guess We Know Who the Lord Won’t be Rooting for on Sunday

peyton2.jpgSince the Super Bowl is this Sunday (Go Colts! Seriously. Go! Or I’m done with you), why not introduce a Super Bowl related legal story: See, the term “Super Bowl” is protected by the NFL. And the NFL is so hellbent in protecting that mark that the league recently nixed plans by a Baptist congregation in Indy to host a Super Bowl party at its church.

So, the church decided to play nice, saying that it wouldn’t charge admission and that it wouldn’t use the sacred-yet-forbidden words Super Bowl. That ought to do it, right?

Nope. That wasn’t good enough for the NFL. Why? Because the NFL says it’s illegal, and against the league’s policy, to show the Super Bowl to a crowd of people on any television set or projector screen bigger than 55 inches unless it is being shown in a sports bar or other establishment where showing NFL games is a weekly custom.

So, let’s get this straight: You can go to a bar, get completely shit-faced, grab a waitresses’ ass and blaspheme God when Peyton Manning inevitably chokes and coughs up the Super Bowl to the Bears, but you can’t watch the Super Bowl at church under the protection of our Lord and Savior.

Man. This is so not alright with God. The Colts are F-U-C-K-E-D!

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Apparently, not so much.