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Well Florida or New York, he still swallows

jeter-sheff.jpgYankees shortshop Derek Jeter has got the state of New York breathing down his neck in a “we want our two dollars” fashion. Seems that Jeter has been claiming his Tampa, Florida home has his primary residence for the whole time he’s been playing with the Yankees. But New York says that between 2001 and 2003 Jeter was actually a NY resident and should have been paying them some state taxes. And with a three-year salary of $38 million during that time frame, his tax payment would be no small potatoes.

Jeter’s agent says this is rubbish, and that Florida has always been his home. And a judge isn’t sold on the state’s position yet either, issuing an order asking the state for “a more detailed document specifying [Jeter’s] ‘community involvement in jurisdictions other than Florida’ and ‘public statements regarding his desire to be in New York.’”

Man, I don’t care what it would cost in tax payments — I’d pay anything to claim someplace other than Florida as my home. Know what I mean?