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Representative Jim Gooch - King of the Hillbilly Hicks

gooch.jpgThat Jabba-looking guy over there is Representative Jim Gooch, a democrat in the fine state of Kentucky’s legislature. And he don’t believe in none of that global warming hooey. So when he set up a hearing on global warming, as the chairman of the interim joint Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, he purposefully didn’t invite anyone who believes in global warming because god forbid there be a two-sided debate. “You can only that the sky is falling so many times,” he said. “We hear it every day from the news media, from the colleges, from Hollywood.”

After some other committee members protested the one-sided nature of this, Gooch let two environmentalists in the audience talk for a few minutes but said that “it really wasn’t my intention to get into much science today.” And besides, even if he wanted to get into the science of it all, how the hell could he:

“Well, I mean, where are we going to get scientists?” Gooch asked. “We’re limited here in Kentucky to what we can do. I don’t know how we’d necessarily get scientists to come here.”

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Ugh. Let me say this asshat does not represent all of Kentucky. There are plenty of decent, intelligent people who live here (albeit mostly in Louisville and Lexington). We just elected a democratic governor, so we're taking baby steps toward civilization.

I grew up in Bowling Green, Kentucky, which has a fair number of rednecks - but quite a few scientists, too, what with the university there.

That article reads like a satire. They circulated materials urging people to burn MORE coal and other fossil fuels to bring about lusher vegetation? While denying that the earth is warming anyway? ARGH.

We aren't all inbred, smoking, coal-promoting, breaded-&-fried idiots, I promise....