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We Should All Judge the Candidates w/How the Handle Wingnuts

Photographer insists on Pledge of Allegiance before Obama rally

Of course, while Obama successfully uses crazy to his advantage, McCain can’t even answer a simple question without stumbling all over his awkwardness:

I’m actually embarrassed on behalf of McCain supporters.

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Wow, that Photog was emitting so much crazy I think I went a little nuts.

Seriously. He sure showed us liberal traitors, huh? Screeching like a madman about it in the middle of a speech as if the very words will make Mr. Obama burst into flames or something.

"Disrespecting our flag" my ass. Anyone else ever noticed that conservatives only care about the flag when they're beating someone over the head with it?

Pledging allegiance to a piece of fabric is what makes a person a great US citizen, not seeking an office of leadership in order to help our nation safely and successfully pull out of a war that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocents. A good US citizen doesn't worry about the job market, financial stability for the country, or educating our children. No, a good citizen swears allegiance to a piece of cloth! A good citizen interrupts speeches and meetings to insist that everyone pledge loyalty to a piece of cloth! Nevermind issues that make this country the bane of the world, by golly, we must pledge allegiance! Words over action!!!!!

Jesus. Please tell me McCain usually, or even frequently, does better than that. I don't even like the guy, let alone support him, and I was still cringing at that. Argh, dead silence while he flaps his mouth like a landed fish.

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