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Leave my football alone!

high-school-football.jpgA member of the New Jersey State Supreme Court may soon find himself sued by Conor Larkin, a former stud football player for a local Jersey high school. Seems that Larkin gave the judge’s son a rough time at football practice, allegedly hitting him once last September, and then allegedly head-butting him at a later practice. The school said this was all just an accident, but Daddy Justice wasn’t having any of that.

So he called the local police chief, who dispatched a detective to Daddy Justice’s house, and they had a sit down which eventually led to a criminal complaint of assault against Larkin. Daddy Justice then called the school and demanded that things be taken care of there, although nothing came of that. Daddy Justice also called a lower-level judge to let him know about the complaint, and he gave the local prosecutor a ring too.

All of which got Daddy Justice censured by the other Justices sitting on the state Supreme Court, which in turn led to Daddy Justice apologizing for the appearance of impropriety. And now, Larkin may be permitted to go forward with a civil suit against Daddy Justice for these shenanigans, although he probably won’t be allowed to sue the state for discrimination.

But my problem here is that Daddy Justice didn’t apologize for being an asshole sports parent or, more importantly, about possibly fucking up my Sundays. Lookit — Larkin was the captain of the team at the time, and a senior, while Daddy Justice’s kid was a sophomore lineman. Which means, he takes what the captain gives him. End of story. That’s how tomorrow’s football players are mind-manipulated into the warriors we need them to be. And when asshole sports parents, let alone judicial asshole sports parents, get in the mix, that can only have negative ramifications on my glorious NFL games in years to come. And anything that fucks with my football fix is bad news. So stop it, people. Just stop it.