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Red Sox vs. Yankees — Lawsuit Style

large_red sox yankees fight.jpg A few years ago, because I really wanted to experience Yankee Stadium, despite my feverish hatred for the Yankees, I attended a game with a Yankees fan. I knew better than to open my goddamn mouth and announce my affiliation (I was living in Boston at the time, and was, by default, a Red Sox fan). And after the Yankees stomped the Sox, because I’m not a true Sox fan (I’m a Braves guy) I actually found some sick amusement with a Yankees chant they were hollering at a group of Sox fans as they walked out of the stadium: “Four Hour Ride Home! Four Hour Ride Home!” Harmless, but fun. But that’s only because the Yankees won. And because we accepted the loss. Not so with this guy:

When 40-year-old Charles Hillios traveled to Yankee Stadium on Aug. 29, 2007, to watch his Boston Red Sox take on the rival New York Yankees, his team wasn’t the only one to take a beating.

Nearly a year later, Hillios has filed a federal lawsuit against the Yankees, a stadium security firm and two Yankees fans he claims beat him during the game.
Hillios said he’s been inundated with calls from the media since the suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Tuesday. He told the New York Post this week, “I got beat up because I’m a Red Sox fan.”
In the lawsuit, Hillios says he was harassed by two Yankees fans because he was cheering for the Red Sox. The suit says that security at the ballpark warned the two Yankees fans to leave Hillios alone, but when Hillios went to the concession stand the two men followed him and “viciously attacked and physically assaulted” him.

No offense, dude. But if you’re dumb enough to let Yankees’ fans know you’re a Red Sox fan — and no doubt brag about your place in the standings (at the time, the Sox were on their way to a division win), you should smart enough to know what’s coming. And you don’t bring a lawsuit, you just take your frustrations out on a Yankees fan next time you’re at Fenway. It’s the Red Sawks way!