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We can add this to the long list of reasons I’m glad I don’t live in Florida

vicodin.jpgIf I lived in Florida, I might be blogging this entry from jail. See, Mark O’Hara has been treated by two doctors, for over a decade, for pain related to a car accident and the gout. As part of his treatment, he’s been given prescriptions for Vicodin. Well several years ago he was put on trial for illegal drug trafficking because he had 58 Vicodin pills in his possession. Pills that the prosecutors admitted he wasn’t actually selling, and for which he had a legit prescription. But they prosecuted him anyway because the law in Florida says that simply having that many pills in your possession automatically constitutes trafficking. And so O’Hara was convicted and sentenced to 25 years in the clink!

In Florida, I could be convicted of the same damn thing — I recently had back surgery and, as part of my recovery, was given a prescription for 60 Vicodin pills. The pain wound up not being that bad, and I think I only took two or three pills following the surgery. So I’ve got 50-odd Vicodin tablets sitting in my medicine cabinet and, despite having a legit prescription for them, the Florida prosecutors might want me hung (although at least I don’t have a prior drug conviction, as O’Hara had, nor would the cops find any pot in my possession, as they did with him … but still).

Common sense prevailed recently, however, as an appellate court ruled that this whole thing was “absurd” and threw out O’Hara’s verdict. So he’s now a free man, although the prosecutors are apparently considering an appeal. Frickin’ Florida.

(Hat tip to Overlawyered.)

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So, THAT'S why House is set in New Jersey and not Florida!