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What are ya … chicken?

chickenSuit.jpgIn Painesville, Ohio (“Painesville?” Seems like the kinda place a bad horror movie should be set, no?), a judge has hit three guilty men with a rather bizarre sentence. The three men recently pled guilty to soliciting sex from a prostitute who — whoops! — turned out to be an undercover cop. Judge Michael Cicconetti seems to take the “Ciccon” part of his last name very seriously, as he agreed to suspend the men’s 30-day jail sentence in exchange for each of them taking turns wearing “a bright yellow chicken costume” outside of the court while carrying a sign reading “No Chicken Ranch in Painesville.”

And this isn’t the first time that Cicconetti has issued such a bizarre sentence, as he has “used barnyard animals to dispense justice in the past.”

He ordered a man who called a policeman a pig to stand next to a live pig in a pen and hold a sign that read “This Is Not a Police Officer.” A couple who stole a baby Jesus statue from a manger were sentenced to dress as Mary and Joseph and walk with a donkey.


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That judge is indeed awesome. Especially the pig sentence. Hah!