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The Only Thing I Like Better than the Jumble is Finishing the Jumble

newsfromhell_01a.gifAll right, let’s just get this out of the way first: No one dislikes Uwe Boll as much as me (well, except this guy); he’s easily one of the more incompetent directors in Hollywood, though he does seem to be the go-to guy for shitty video-game adaptations, like Alone in the Dark, House of the Dead, and the upcoming Postal. It’s the latter movie that’s the subject of this story. Postal, due out later this year, looks like an abomination — and an offensive one at that. If you want to feel your blood boil for a few seconds, just check out the trailer.

But, you gotta hand it him; Boll does have a pretty decent sense of humor. In fact, earlier this year, he challenged movie critics to step in the ring with him and fight in an actual boxing match (one guy took him up on it, and got his ass kicked) — but, now he’s created a parody website of the NY Post to advertise the movie. And, while it’s mostly pretty tasteless, there are some decent comedic jabs at the Post, which of course means that the humorless Post has brought suit. The Post is claiming “brazen and unlawful infringement of the New York Post’s valuable intellectual property” and that Boll set up the site to get back at the Post for some unfavorable things the paper has said about him.

It looks like parody to me. But, then again, Boll is running it on a few domain names that are similar to the Post’s hoping to snag a few who type in the wrong address. Really, I don’t care who wins. If we’re lucky, they’ll bankrupt each other out of business. BUT, I do have to say, the parody site’s NY Post advertisement is freaking priceless. Check it out: