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Watching golf is boring, and reading books about the law is boring - but reading a book about golf law? Uhm…..

golf.jpgJohn H. Minan, a 64-year-old law prof at the University of San Diego has written The Little Green Book of Golf Law, discussing the lawsuits that have arisen from the greens. Cases involving golf balls breaking windows, or hitting other golfers, for example. For example, one case involved a Dallas golf club, where three families had homes by the sixth hole, and their cars were getting dinged up from poorly shot golf balls. So the homeowners sued the golf course with a claim that the golf balls were trespassing. Unsurprisingly, they lost since golf balls are inanimate objects and can’t really decide on their own to trespass or not.

Another case involves an extremely angry golfer. This guy got so pissed by a poor tee shot that, rather than simply flinging his club, he attacked a goose and beat it to death. He was convicted of animal cruelty and had his driver, the murder weapon, confiscated.

…Actually, I have to kind of take back what I said in this entry’s title. This book doesn’t sound half bad.

(Hat tip to Overlawyered.)