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Is it November 2008 yet?

2008election.jpgCan you believe that we still have more than a year before the next presidential election? Doesn’t it feel like these primary campaigns have been going on for years already? Well the good folks over at Comedy Central are trying to make it all a little more bearable for folks like you and me. They’ve launched the website Indecision 2008, which has “something approximating election news with something approximating honesty.” The site is built around the various political stories and interviews from “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report,” although it appears that some original content may spring up over the next year as well.

But there are even some treats for folks who regularly watch both shows. For example, the site has posted the uncut video of Jon Stewart’s recent interview with former pres Bill Clinton, containing six minutes of footage that didn’t make it on the air because of time restraints. You can kill some time at work by watching it now, if you’d like:

(Hat tip to LAist.)

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What's the point waiting so eagerly for Election 2008? They'll rig another election and get another Neo_con in the White House. America is screwed, and the rest of the formerly-free world is going down with her.