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Waiting on Love’s Sweet Charity

sherylross.jpgA crazy lady in Arizona took drastic measures this week when her husband and son, fearing for their own safety I presume, ran away from her and locked themselves into the family car. I guess there was a fight, and the husband of Sheryl Ross (that cutie-pie to your left) took their ten-year-old son out to the hoopty and locked the doors. Sheryl responded in typical crazy-lady fashion by throwing rocks at the car and smashing the windows before eventually stripping down to her birthday suit and lying down on the hood of the vehicle.

Once deputies arrived, they tracked her down in a bedroom, where the naked lady struggled before being hauled away to the station. Asked what possessed her to bare herself on the hood of the vehicle, Sheryl was like, “What? You’ve never seen the Whitesnake video? I was just doing my Tawny Kitaen impersonation. A little later, I was going to take out one my high-heels and spike my husband in the face with it, but you bozo’s had to show up and ruin my night. Bastards.”

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Oh, this would be the story to which the glued-butt guy's link led.