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Wanna get some pizza?

pizza-slice.jpgYes, things have been quiet around the QuizLaw front. Can’t be helped, children. Dustin’s days are busy running the best little entertainment review site in this corner of the interwebs, and I’ve been busy being a law talking guy. Times are tough, yo, and we got bills to pay. And the QuizLaw don’t pay our bills.

But that’s all beside the point, because there are more important things to talk about. Like the Florida man responsible for this headline: “Man arrested for hitting girl with pizza.” But lest you think he assualted just any girl, let me clarify — it would be his teenage daughter who was assaulted by a slice of pizza being flung at her neck.

Deputy Nick Vickers says the man used racist and sexist terms when he asked his daughter to turn off her computer, and she fired back with some crude language of her own.

Vickers says the father “intentionally threw a slice of pizza at the victim, striking her in the back of the neck, against her will.”

So the daughter called 911, Daddy Dearest was arrested, and I was compelled to post on QuizLaw. Thank you Florida, you neeeeever disappoint.