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And cops wonder why they’re so often hated?

dave-matthews.jpgCheck this shit out — in an area south of Milwaukee, a cop was patrolling the parking lot outside a music arena. It was late at night, and he found a teenager sleeping in his car. The cop knocked on the window and 19-year-old Travis Peterson explained that he had gotten a bit drunk at a Dave Matthews Band concert and so he was sleeping it off. Putting aside the fact that he was underage, that’s very responsible of Mr. Peterson. The cop, however, was unmoved, and said that because the lot was being cleared he was ordering Peterson to drive off.

So Peterson did as he was told, and as soon as he was out of the parking lot, he was promptly arrested for drunk driving. At his trial, he was found guilty and hit with 60 days in the clink after the state argues that Peterson couldn’t claim entrapment because he chose to drink too much in the first place.

The Wisconsin Court of Appeals has now told the state to take that argument and shove it:

“Drinking alcohol to excess, while inadvisable and unhealthy, is not unlawful by itself,” the appeals court said.

Drunks of the world, hoist one in celebration of our win!

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Hooray for the Appeals Court having some sense, but BOO to Fox News. The article you linked to is hilariously entitled: Wisconsin Court Praises Drunken Teen Concert Goer.

Leave it to Fox to completely misrepresent the whole situation.

One post every few weeks isn't good enough. I'm taking you off my list, guys.

are you guys ever going to update again?

Quizlaw is deeeeeeaaaaaddd!