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Half of Me Says They Should Be Heavily Punished, The Other Half Is Jealous That I Didn’t Do This as a Dumb Kid

go-karts.jpgA pair of Missouri teen broke into a local go-cart joint and took their stolen goods to the local interstate.

Witnesses reported seeing the go-carts driving down the highway.

“Some people driving by thought it was odd there were go-carts on the highway, so they called in and reported it,” Cool Crest’s Kyle Breon told KMBC’s Peggy Breit.

Only some people who saw the go-carts on the interstate thought it was odd? Really? I want to meet the guy who ws all “ah, just another day on I-70, with some go-carting kids passing me on the right.”

The two 14-year-olds were arrested after a brief police chase.

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I was at a WAWA where this obviously drunk and belligerent man was getting kicked out(no shoes, no shirt, yelling at the top of his fucking lungs). For some reason I recognized him but I could figure out why and from where. After I paid for my stuff I walked outside and it hit me as I watch him pull his ride on lawn mover out onto route 40. I recognized that piece of shit lawn mower. It was my fucking uncle who had lost his license after about 10 to 15 DUI's. I didn't recognize him because for the first time in forever, he had a clean shave and a hair cut. I found out later from my father that he had just gotten out of the hospital from ODing and they had cleaned him up. The things you see on a fucking four lane road...

I'd have paid money to see the police chase involving squad cars and 14 years olds in go carts. Wasn't there a Simpsons episode where Ralph was in a motorized chair and the police chased him veeeery sloooowly?