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Wake up people!

chillin-obama.jpgYesterday’s pair of Obamatroversies taught us that Obama is a thieving wordsmith and that he likes to get hummers from rednecks. (Well to be fair, who doesn’t? I mean, they give the best gum, know what I’m saying?) Well whatever with all that — yesterday’s news, sir.

Look at this shit — Obama is now wearing a wristband given to him by Tracy Jopek last weak, in remembrance of her son, Sgt. Ryan David Jopek, who died in Iraq back in ‘06. The temerity! You know what this means? Only a matter of time before the spin machines come out tell us he he’s trying to ride the backs of dead soldiers into the White House.

And worse than the whole bracelet business, check this shit out — he’s the only candidate who was unwilling to pander for Wisconsin votes! McCain went to fish fry, Hillary was at a bratwurst-and-beer place, Hucakbee was bowling. And where, oh where, was Obama during all this? In a convention hall stealing the words of his friend Deval Patrick.

This madman must. be. stopped!