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Obamatroversy II

Oh, it’s on. The smear campaign is in full force, y’all. First, Obama is accused of plagiarizing one of his speeches. And now, in this video, Larry Sinclair — voter, upstanding citizen, civic kook — reveals that he performed “oral sex on [Obama] in the back of his limo” in 1999.

Really? I’d like to think that Obama could do better.

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So we're supposed to believe that this guy chose NOT to go to any print or broadcast media outlet with what would be (sadly) an explosive story and instead made his own video and posted it on the Web?
Or do we just assume he shopped it around all over the place and no respectable reporter or even Fox would take it because it's all a load of crap?

what crap!!

I find his reason behind the 'revelation' interesting: not that Obama was supposedly participating in sexual trysts with another man or smoking crack (since that is part and parcel of being a Democrat, right?), but that Obama had lied about his drug use being limited to his teen years. Why is that so offensive, that this guy has to come out now? And why even mention the sex, which is somewhat emphasized over the drug use?

Also, why does the black guy have to smoke crack? What, a brother can't enjoy Columbian nose candy unless it is cut with baking soda? Jeez, I would expect the man to have higher standards than this. Especially with Obama Girl around, why would he want to look down and see THAT FACE polishing his knob?

Couldn't we just get Linda Tripp to phone this guy up and pretend to be his friend so we can get John Goodman back on SNL. How great would that be?

Ha what was that ugly nut doing in an upscale lounge is what i want to know

yeah, I think Barack could do a lot better than this guy...