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“One shot?” “Two is pussy.”

deer-hunter.jpgI’ve never understood the allure of hunting. I mean, I’ve shot guns before and will admit that shooting can be pretty damn fun. But I’m totally ok with shooting cans and clay whatchamacallits and other non-living things. No desire whatsoever to pump lead into Bambi. That being said, I don’t have any particular issue with hunting, either, so long as it’s being done legally.

Michael Wayne Hart doesn’t seem to care about the technicalities of that whole legality bit, though. Which could be a problem, seeing as how he’s, you know, a lawyer.

Late last month, a complaint was filed against Hart by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission. Seems Hart was hunting with a buddy who managed to bag a deer. And I guess your permit only lets you kill one deer, so Hart gave his buddy his son’s permit to tag the deer, and then they both lied when they took the deer to a check station, claiming that Hart’s son had killed the deer. A son who wasn’t even with them. There was an investigation, and Hart repeatedly lied about the whole thing, and he was eventually busted for obstructing the investigation and illegally loaning a permit. Schmuck.

The best part of this story is pointed out by Alan Childress over at the Legal Profession Blog:

How bad a lawyer do you have to be that you cannot talk your way — legitimately — out of an investigation into this? He must have changed his story four times, or licked his lips constantly while he and Boo Boo recounted the tale to Ranger Smith.
I can just see Jon Lovitz in the role of the lying lawyer: “the license belongs to my wife, eh, Morgan Fairchild, yeah that’s the ticket.”

Seriously. Whatever with discipline for lying and the permit loaning and all those shenanigans. Any lawyer who can’t lie his way outta this shit probably shouldn’t be a lawyer in the first place.

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You totally forgot the coolness that is sitting inside a tree for a few days, doing absolutely . . . nothing.

They must think it's cool to do it, right?

OK, credit where credit is due, requires me to say that that is one funny, well written story.

Yea, that is funny.

What a dumbass, if he did this in my home state, he would lose his gun, used for the killing and the automobile used for the transportation. In addition, I think there is a huge fine involved as well, something like $2k or more.