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Massholes gotta start learning young

masshole.jpgBrendan Lee is a 40-year-old longshoreman up in the Boston area. Lee tries to be an upright citizen and a shining example to his five children. And how better to teach your kids a good work ethic than putting your 4-year-old son on the payroll as a heavy equipment operator, naturally?

After confessing to this stupid fraud, Lee was hit with two years of probation, along with four weeks of home confinement on the weekends. He also has to pay a little over three grand back into the state unemployment fund because he also fessed up to wrongfully taking some unemployment from the state.

And the best part of this story is that Lee wasn’t alone. He’s one of 20 people indicted for shenanigans, including five other children also appearing on the payroll.

Friggin Massholes.