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Urgent! Urgent! All Points Bulletin! Condom Thieves on the Run. May be Dangerous.


Source: The Smoking Gun

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For real?! Wow, I think it is the right of every hot blooded american teen (nay, every teen, period!) to steal condoms from drugstores, less they run into the embarrassment of running into their grandma in the checkout line. Finally, a county putting a smack down on safe sex. Hooligans!

I know it's theft, against the law and all that, but that poor kid! Though this'll teach 'em not to run. Or, uh, maybe to just not steal in the first place.

Haha. My boyfriend actually did steal a box of condoms once because he ran into his grandmother at the checkout and didn't want her seeing him buy them.

Wow. I used to steal boxes of condoms, blow them up and tie them to the steps of my Catholic school. I was maybe 11. Thank god I never got caught. How frightfully embarassing