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Common Sense Lesson #144

wheelB.jpgOut in the town of Caddo, Oklahoma, Kalin Craig Richardson was bored. Well, bored and possibly on a meth bender. So he did what anyone might do to kill some time - he broke into the local movie theater (the Rex 2 - they’ve actually got a theater in Caddo with two screens!). Once inside, he gathered up $800 worth of candy and $2600 worth of tools. “But how to get all this golden loot home,” Richardson wondered to himself.

“Why, steal the theater’s wheelbarrow, natch,” he answered to himself.

Richardson’s plan was foolproof, but for one small detail - he left the wheelbarrow on his front porch. So when the owner of the theater drove by and saw the wheelbarrow, well, an arrest came shortly thereafter (and it didn’t help Richardson’s situation any that the cops found meth and pot in his home).

This should go without saying (but if it could truly go without saying, there wouldn’t be a need for these Common Sense Lessons) - when you steal shit, don’t leave it in your front yard.