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Bitter Old Bitch Hates “That One” So Much, He Outsources Hand-Shaking Duties to “C*nt” Cindy McCain

It was a pretty dull debate, actually. Mostly, Obama and McCain repeated what they said in the first debate, and the questions and answers were fairly similar. Everyone gives Obama the nod on this debate, and if you watched the CNN line squiggly thing, it was apparent most of the time who was winning, even before the snap polls were released.

Anyway, by the night’s end, there were only two highlights, and neither had anything to do with substance. McCain called Obama “that one” (which is not so much racists as it is out of touch — it’s something my Granny would say) and then, at the end of the debate, basically refused to shake hands, offering up Cindy in his stead. And, really, at the end of the day, those were the only moments that stuck out.