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Uhm, I appreciate folks trying to be all neighborly and all…

nice-neighbor.jpg…but when your neighbor comes over at five in the morning and asks to borrow your gun, nine times out ten this is going to be a bad idea.

Such was the case when Meloney Jackson borrowed her neighbor’s gun so she could put a cap in her husband’s ass. Apparently, Jackson tried to get a gun the week before from a gun dealer, claiming she needed it for self-defense in light of an upcoming divorce hearing. The gun dealer didn’t buy her self-defense story and wouldn’t sell her a gun, so she did what any upstanding citizen would do — sought help from the community.

“Baker County, Florida … where your neighbors care about you!”

[To save the inevitable commentor who will heckle me, yes, I now realize that Dustin already posted about this story last week. I’ll blame the fact that I wrote this yesterday while suffering through a wicked hangover which was clouding my thinking and ability to remember anything we recently discussed on this here site. “QuizLaw … where the writers are so stupid, they post the same shit a week later!”]

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Since you added new info, you could have called it an update and we wouldn't have know about the hangover and lousy memory.