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How Neighborly!

melonyjackson.jpgApparently, looks don’t kill, so this woman used a gun instead.

A woman is accused of borrowing a gun from a neighbor and then shooting and killing her husband Monday in their home south of Macclenny, according to the Baker County Sheriff’s Office.
Investigators said Meloney Jackson borrowed a gun from a neighbor, entered the house in the 7000 block of John Rowe Street and shot Kevin Jackson.
Baker County deputies responded to the scene at about 5 a.m. after neighbors reported hearing five gunshots coming from the house, WJXT reported. They found the husband dead of gunshot wounds in the front yard with a gun laying next to his body and took the wife into custody.

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Not taking any blame away from the shooter but I just have to ask...WHO LOANS A GUN TO THEIR NEIGHBOR? Or, even, what possible excuse did she use to borrow it? "Hi, I'm going hunting tomorrow but my gun is broken so can I borrow yours?"