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Uhm, dude ā€“ your Uranium Merit Badge is glowing

milhouse_falloutboy.jpgI had never heard of this Radioactive Boy Scout before, but it seems that the now-30-year-old David Hahn “tried to earn a merit badge [as a teenager] by building a nuclear reactor in his mother’s potting shed.” So he was basically like the kid in The Manhattan Project (a great 80s flick that probably played at least a small part in my eventual undergrad career as a scientist). While no movie was made about Hahn, he did have a Harper’s article and book written about him.

Anyway, the Radioactive Boy Scout has again been arrested for stealing a smoke detector out of his apartment complex. And since smoke detectors contain a teensy-tinsy bit of radioactive material (of the same time found in Hahn’s possession back in ‘95), there is speculation that he might again be trying to build a nuclear reactor. Which the Feds and the EPA aren’t such big fans of, shockingly.

Hahn’s currently been charged with larceny and while he denies stealing the smoke detector, it’s certainly suspicious that eight smoke detectors from Hahn’s building have gone missing, as have eight from another building near Hahn’s apartment.

Hahn lives in the Detroit area, and this is just the latest reason that Iā€™m glad to live nowhere near Detroit.

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