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Can’t the cops and firemen all get along?

iceHockey.jpgIn Wilson, Kansas, the local police chief was recently arrested for misdemeanor theft. The subject of his thievery? Beer. And the original owner of that beer? The Wilson Fire Department.

Seems that the city’s police and fire departments share offices, and while they’re separated by a door, that door is usually unlocked. So the allegations are that Police Chief Hill simply wandered into the fire department office and walked back with some beer (there’s no indication of how much beer was taken, except for the fact that it’s value was less than one grand, which is why Hill was only hit with a misdemeanor charge).

Fire Chief Larry Langerman “declined to discuss why beer was being kept at the fire department office.”

Maybe they need to get some PD vs. FD ice hockey games going on in Wilson, Kansas, like they do on “Rescue Me.” According to the show (and I learn everything important from TV), these inter-department games allow the officers and firefighters to work out much of (tough not all of) their animosity and aggression towards each other.

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I would suggest partially naked mud wrestling matches. I would pay to see that.