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What’s More Patriotic than Roosters?

cockfighting.jpgThe Patriot Act — not just for invading your privacy under the guise of fighting terrorism anymore:

Originally touted as a tool in the struggle against terrorism, the Patriot Act now was being used in the hills of East Tennessee as part of a shadowy war that had been going on for decades, a struggle that pitted the federal government against a homespun Appalachian culture that had churned out generation after generation of proud outlaws.

Shadowy war? Proud outlaws? What are we talking about here? Some sort of redneck Al Quaida?

Just after midnight on May 13, 2004, a small team of FBI agents crept into the legendary Del Rio Cockfighting Pit in Cocke County.

Cockfighting? Wha?

The illegal gambling arena was closed, and agents were able to copy a computer hard drive before slipping away. They didn’t notify the property’s then-owner, Michael Maynard of Hot Springs, N.C., of the search for another three months.
Acting under the authority of the Patriot Act, the agents had obtained a search warrant that allowed them to clandestinely enter the property, search for evidence and not tell anyone about it until the government or a judge was ready to let the owners know they’d been there.

God bless America. And the Patriot Act.

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This shit really scares me...I sometimes wonder if decades later people will question how we citizens could sit back and watch these things unfold while doing nothing--much like the questioning of the Nazi buildup in Germany. It just had to be named the fucking Patriot Act.

Wow. After seeing Deliverance, I'm just relieved that this time cockfighting involved poultry.