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Uh, Miss, we’re gonna have to ask you to NOT burn the baby.

warningsign.jpgThe next time your kids ask you “…are we there yet…” feel free to tell them the story of 29-year-old Shaunte Mitchell of Lebanon.

She was found wandering by Lebanon (no, not that Lebanon) police, naked, around 2:30 in the morning. A caller reported her to police, stating that Shaunte was roaming the road naked with a child, and was “…taking the infant to Satan”.

You would think that Old Scratch could spring for 3 Day Delivery … cheap bastard.

The infant was found abandoned on the road, unharmed. Mitchell is being charged with child endangerment, and aggravated arson.

I couldn’t find any mention of this “Arson” guy, or why he would be aggravated with Mitchell. Although I’m sure the kid was probably being a real pain in the ass. I’m just sayin’.

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According to CNN.com, the arson charge stems from evidence they found at her home which indicates she attempted to set the baby on fire before trying to off-load him on Beelzebub.