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Well yeah, but lawyers don’t need to know math anyways, right?

prettyMath.jpgLast week I told you about Stephen Dunne, the asshat who’s suing the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners because he failed the exam after refusing to answer the vile (rep-re-hensible, I say!) question that involved a married gay couple. Well our lovely reader Three Elle pointed us to this PDF copy of his “Amendment to Complaint”, which was filed on Monday. In it, he makes two quick little itty-bitty changes to his original complaint, reproduced for you now:

PLAINTIFF, STEPHEN DUNNE, amends the complaint in this action as follows:
1. On page 39, line 13, $2,500,000 is changed to $2.50.
2. On page 39, line 17, $7,250,000 is changed to $7.25.

Now I neglected to mention this in my original post, but Dunne was seeking a preposterous $9,750,000 in damages. Which is what those two original amounts add up to. So this means, with his amendment, he’s now merely seeking $9.75. As Keeping Up with Jonas points out, that doesn’t even come anywhere near the $350 he dropped just to file his complaint.

But it’s not fair to really mock him, since lawyers never claim to be mathematicians. And as Three Elle put it: “To be fair, he was only off by 6 decimal places.”

(Dunne says that he made this change to show that this lawsuit isn’t about money: “It’s about equity and justice, and I wanted to be very clear about that.”)