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The best alibi ever. And of course, by “best” I mean “WTF?”

jasperIce.jpgBack in 2003, Brian Wells robbed a bank. But it was like something out of a bad action flick, as he came into the bank with a bomb locked around his neck and, as he would later tell the cops, he was allegedly being forced to commit the robbery. Things didn’t end so well for Wells, as the bomb went off, obviously killing the pizza delivery man. After four years, charges have finally been filed in connection with the heist, against Kenneth E. Barnes and Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong.

The cops think that Wells was originally in on the robbery planning with the other two, only to have things turn against him when they suddenly latched a bomb around his neck. Bummer for him, right?

Anyway, here’s where things get really bizarre. Diehl-Armstrong happens to already be in prison over the murder of an ex-boyfriend, James Roden. She pleaded guilty (by reason of insanity) to this crime after another boyfriend ratted out the fact that Roden’s body was chilling in a freezer. Now, Diehl-Armstrong killed Roden about two weeks before the bank heist took place. So her lawyer is now using this murder as her alibi, saying the mentally ill woman was so obsessed with her now-dead ex that there’s no way she could’ve been involved in planning the bank robbery.

He’s saying the dead body in her freezer is, in essence, her alibi!

This is much more interesting than the actual plot of Her Alibi, although I’ll say that Paulina Porizkova is perhaps just slightly more attractive than Marjorie. I’m just saying.


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Both Stephen Colbert and I agree with you on that last point.

She looks like the daughter character Tim Curry played in that episode of Tales from the Crypt...Winona Brackett. "I wanna see your love feelins."...::shudder::..