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Turn Down that Music!

Bob The Builder.jpgThose damn kids and their goddamn music!

A New Zealand kindergarten disco was broken up by authorities for pumping out “Bob the Builder” music too loud.
While the preschoolers were dancing at the One Tree Hill Kindergarten in Auckland, an unhappy neighbor was busy complaining, The Dominion Post newspaper reported on Tuesday.
A red-faced noise control officer from the local council turned up at 6:30 p.m. and told partygoers that the music was too loud, and they would have to turn it off.

You can’t go ‘round blaring your Bob the Builder disco songs, I don’t care how old they are. Loud music leads to cocaine snorting! And kindergarten sexy time on the nap mats. And that’s how it starts! And 6:30 p.m. is way past any respectable person’s bedtime. Bitches. Tricks. Hos!