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Can We Talk?

zombiejohnb.jpgSo, what happened folks? Six weeks ago, polls showed that Barack Obama had a 9 point lead over John McCain. Now, McCain has a five point lead, according to the latest Zogby Poll.

Was it something we said? What’s going on here, folks? You’re buying into all of McCain’s Rovian tactics, huh? Again! McCain can’t run on his own record, or his own ideas (since he has none), so he tears down Obama with a bunch of emasculating poppycock meant to make you feel like a smaller person for wanting to vote for him. It’s what Bush did in 2000 and 2004, and you fell for it then. You’d think you’d learn, but the tiny dick arguments still work on the American public. Hell.

You know, John McCain is a zombie, right? And you’re OK with voting for a zombie? A zombie who will overturn Roe v. Wade. Who will probably involve us in another war. Who will continue to favor the rich over the middle class?

That zombie fucker is turning this election into another character circus, and he’s making up bullshit to taint Obamas. And America is buying it. It’s 2004, all over again.

Strap on some balls, Obama. It’s time to kick some zombie ass.

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Obama should have taken the high road regarding the Georgian massacre of S. Osettian innocents. Why agree with a war-mongering sitting President and a war-mongering about to be President.

Jesus! Everybody fucking relax already! Let's take a look at this, ok? First off, the Zogby polls are notoriously unreliable. Secondly, it's only one poll out of many that shows McCain leading. Thirdly, this is the only way the douchebag Republicans know how to fight and they've been doing it unopposed so far. Fourthly, Obama is just now starting to hammer them back. C'mon for Christ's sake, he was on vacation! It's like Temple playing Penn State with Penn State missing the first two quarters of the game. eventually Temple would score.

Yeah, it's Zogby. So it's probably worthless. However, if you think Obama's character is offlimits, how about the plain facts? Obama voted for infanticide, which will really kill him once that becomes more widespread. He's all buddy buddy with terrorists (see current flap over Obama desperately trying to squelch investigations of his board time with Ayers), and is there any policy he hasn't flipped all over like a fish out of water? Does he have any principles at all, besides "I should be elected because I'm me?"

That and the fact that Obama is practically clueless on foreign policy shows that the Dems have backed the wrong horse this cycle.

Vance, you continue to be a sniveling little bitch who probably still lives in his parent's basement.

This infanticide argument is the most loathsome yet pathetic canard since the idea that the Pope would order JFK around.

What kind of slimy and despicable little world do you live in?

PS, Vance is still a pussy name!

^Oh yeah? Well, I heard that McCain puts babies in microwaves and eats them for breakfast!

How could you vote for a guy who eats babies?

Yeah, Bill--you resort to personal attacks because that's all you have.

You don't buy the infanticide thing? Then why is Obama flailing all over the place, desperate to defend himself and offering contradictory explanations left and right? This charge sticks. People don't like to vote for guys who want to prevent care for babies that are born. That's what was going on, Bill. This method of abortion was to deliver the baby and then let it die. Your guy supports that in full.

If that's not infanticide, then what is? I'm not slimy because I'm repulsed by that method of abortion--it's you who should wonder about the merits of deliberately killing babies that are born alive. What sick and twisted sense of morality do you and Obama have, Bill? Death to babies but murderers and rapists like Medellin should go free!

If Obama's not in favor of killing living babies, then just what the heck was he doing in Illinois? Especially since he's been caught in an outright lie on this subject that his team had to acknowledge.

Your guy voted for a procedure that not even NARAL could stomach, and one in which no other Senator in the US Senate could vote for. It's no wonder you are resorting to smearing me and anyone else--because this is electoral poison for Obama.

Wait? the massacre of S. Ossetians? QUE? You must mean that Obama supports the warmongering of Putin? Or do you mean he supports S. Ossetian paramilitary forces evicting ethnic georgians from their homes? Dropping flares out of helicopters to set forest fires? Or invading countries because they are a little to closely aligned with NATO and the EU?

Mr. Bill W, NH, I'm going to take a wild guess that your a communist who believes that Stalin didn't have death camps.

Oh yeah, and I think these constant polls are stupid and useless.

So the poll is worthless. Its still good for a news cycle or two.

If John McCain does eat babies, I may have to vote for him. I mean, being pro-infanticide is good too, but being the method of infanticide is even better.

What, McCain has no ideas?

Obama hasn't yet expressed a single idea that wasn't old when McCain was born. And all of those old ideas were failures.

Good work, yen. Yeah, infanticide is unacceptable, lessen its a-rabs, gooks, or sum them whuts i don't like. Shut up and go back to masturbating in momma's basement, redneck.

Nick, you have the facts, you sure do.

You know what I have been thinking about? The fact that a lot of young people today don't have landlines and so they aren't being included in any polling pools. I just wonder if that has an effect on anything.

That, and the fact that John McCain is a doddering old stooge. Yeah, I went there.

Are you implying that 14% of the people who supported Obama last month are retards who can't see past 'Rovian tactics'?