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Tuesdays in C*nt Punditry

amd_anncoulter.jpgAn open letter, from Anne Coulter, posted on her website yesterday.

Dear Readers,
I’ve been participating in a charade for nearly eleven years, now. Quite frankly, I’m sick of it. You have all been a part of a sick joke that I began considering shortly after first getting on the air. At first, it was quite interesting to see how people would react when I would use twisted logic and poorly masked bigotry.
But eleven years is a long time to be living a fake life, and I can no longer tolerate this falsity. Even someone as fake as I tires out eventually.
Here’s the truth, I don’t care what people believe. Jews don’t need to be “made perfect” as I so arrogantly proclaimed to Editor & Publisher not a half week ago. I don’t even care if people are Muslim. Granted, I don’t know much about the religion or the people, but they are people. This is something that we cannot forget, they are in an abhorrent situation. These people are in need of education. Perhaps if we did not participate in causing them misery, they would not hate us so.
In fact, does it really matter whether we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, or even Pagan? We are one nation. One. We should not let petty differences separate us, we are all American, and should act in that manner.
And with that, my precious viewers, I bid you adieu. My career as a media figurehead is over.

The sickest joke of all? That she’s only kidding. Does anyone realize how much bad karma this lady has built up? It’s like she’s asking to be disemboweled by a swimming pool drain.

Update: Well, it turns out that the letter actually was a joke written by a hacker, who somehow got it put on on Coulter’s site. It has since been taken down. Sorry folks. So, I’ll just link you to this exchange, where she said that Jews are basically just imperfect Christians. There’s plenty of c*nt punditry to go around.

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She's speaking at USC next Wednesday. Unfortunately, I have class at that time. I do not look forward to being within a quarter-mile of that woman.

That link doesn't work for me, and now I'm deeply confused. She actually posted the excerpt above - and then somehow made clear that she WAS KIDDING when she wrote it, and really DOES believe Jews need "perfecting"?!? Or did she post this, and it's legitimate - she has in fact been "kidding" all along, she's not really insane, she just wanted to see how much misogynist, xenophobic ignorance she could promote before people saw through it? Which is it?

Please tell me that she really is retiring from public life either way....

Yeah, yeah. You scorn her, but I've made a LOt of money selling my Ann Coulter sex dolls: they're made of white (duh) PVC pipe with a fiberglass insulation "hot pocket."

Hey, quizlaw mods, please remove drwho's comment - you don't have to give him a forum any more than the news networks have to give Coulter airtime. Thanks.