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Today’s Lesson: Keep Your Sperm to Yourself

spermdonor.jpgA New York man, out of the goodness of his heart, donated sperm to a friend 18 years ago, with a verbal understanding that he’d never be held financially responsible for the boy’s care. Well, now the kid wants to go to college and Mom is fresh out of cash, so why not sue Donor Dad for tuition, right?

What’s even more remarkable is that a judge is actually considering imposing child support on the unidentified man, claiming that — by sending out a few birthday cards and the occasional check — he’s created a fatherly relationship, thus creating a legal duty to pay support. The verbal agreement between mom and donor does not void the legal status of fatherhood.

But what about common decency? You can’t even do something nice anymore without being hit with a lawsuit. In fact, the judge won’t even allow the guy a paternity test to ensure that he’s the actual father — that tramp could’ve been accepting sperm donations from anyone!

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The guy consented to having his name entered on the birth certificate.

That's an oops -- 18 years worth, in fact.

The fact that she needed a sperm donor makes me think she's not a tramp ;)