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Pointless Britney Post

britney-spears-loses-custody.jpgCan I be frank? I mean — there is absolutely no one on Earth I care about less than Britney Spears — I am appallingly indifferent to her existence. I certainly have no affection for her, but neither can I work up the requisite distaste I should have, either. I think she’s a little mental; I think she’s let other people control her life for so long that, once she allowed herself to make her own decisions, she failed to recognize that she’s not the type that ought to be making her own decisions. Whatever — she’s basically just like 70 percent of the women I went to school with, and only a stroke of luck and a Catholic school girl outfit has saved her from their fate: Trailer parks, dirty kids, smoker’s cough at 27, and two years of welfare followed by a lifelong dedication to procuring SSD benefits.

Anyway, I bring this up because, in legal news, child welfare services is officially looking into multiple child abuse and neglect allegations on the part of Spears. The investigation stems from allegations coming out of her divorce papers and, of course, photographic evidence obtained by every paid photographer on the West Coast. And while I have no doubt that these kids are probably being raised in all manner of fucked up ways, doesn’t child services have more urgent cases to look after besides spending so much of its very limited resources on a multimillionaire starletard who probably has a reasonably decent nanny and an entourage to look after the little ones? Is this all for show, or does the agency actually give a damn? I’m sure she’s a shitty mom, but so far, the only real evidence of abuse they have is a picture of her driving with her son on her lap, which is messed up, but it’s not like she’s torturing her kids and locking them in her basement.

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There's been some mention in the past that she keeps the kids awake for as long as possible so that she can sleep in. Also, she apparently always gives them soda to drink and then uses those little tooth strips to make it look like their teeth aren't rotting. According to the gossip sites she also leaves them alone on a whim and many in her entourage have either been fired or left on their own. So, basically, she's being extremely neglectful and potentially abusive (although I don't think she is really aware of this).

On the other side of the coin, Child Welfare has received tons and tons of complaints against her and found most of them frivolous (according to TMZ). They're probably looking at her because of the combination of custody battle and public outcry.