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This Man Has Clearly Never Seen a Black Baby

BLACK%2BBABY%2BGIRL.jpgA Utah State Senator apparently believes that only babies from his master race are cute.

Republican Sen. Chris Buttars compared Senate Bill 48, which addresses equalizing school construction funds, to a black baby, calling it “a dark, ugly thing.”

Oh, but don’t worry. He “felt bad” afterwards, though there is no indication as to whether he “felt bad” for being a racist prick, or if he “felt bad” because other people now know he’s a racist prick.

Well, at least he didn’t call the black baby a slut.

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Buttars is, incidentally, the same activist legislator seeking to keep police misconduct records -- such as the Massey taser video -- confidential.

What kind of name is Buttars? I cringe.

this entire incident was concocted by the fag movement to punish buttars for opposing fag marriage. love live buttars. down with salt lake city f.o.g. (fag occupation government).

Buttars is a self aggrandized Ass Hole!

Continue to bless him with $20 stabs, he all by himself, is a target rich environment!

Oh and he is not even close in his head to the average Utah resident.

How does a man like that get elected to ANY office?

What the hell, America?

Silly question Andre, farkin Ted Kennedy is still living and in office!

And he murdered Mary Jo!

BTW nobody can seem to find anybody that voted for him. Amazing I could never find anybody that voted for Clinton either!

He may not be 'representative' of the typical Utah resident, but he is cut from the same cloth as 90% of Utah legislators. God, this state sucks.

I hear ya, Pajibill. Why I bother voting, no one knows. Stupid Utah. Normal citizens of my town just say we've voted ourselves out of Utah and that we're really part of Colorado. Beer's better there.

Why is so hard for some people to just accept htis guy for what he is without pointing fingers at clinton, Kennedy and "fags"
Andre ? Delilah ?