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Dipshit Much?

douche1.jpgI’d like to welcome Benjamin Straight, a 2L at the University of Florida, into the blogging world. Benjamin has started a blog entitled, “Big Daddy Thunder,” and though he’s only written two posts so far, I can already tell that this guy is going places. Probably the clink for domestic violence assault. But, whatevs! He totally nails the female law school personae in his post, “I am a law school girl.” Here’s a taste:

I am a law school girl (snatch, gunch, clam, whisker biscuit — pick your subject synonym).
In the end, I am only really here to catch a good dickin’, or hot beef injection. You see, my biological destiny is to whelp out a few puppies and use them as excuses as to why I never made it in the legal world. The law world is a man’s world, and I will continue to remind people in class discussions that women make 75 cents on the dollar that a man makes, even though the areas of law I am concentrated in (Family, Pro Bono) are the lowest paying. And I will leave the workforce to shit out a few kids, feel my calling as a mother, stay out of work for 5 years, and then expect to come back as if I had never left (especially after my husband is sick of not getting blow jobs and trades me in for a newer and less-broken model). I figure that any guy that throws me a dick here will at least be on the hook for child support and will make enough money, by default, to pay me a modest monthly salary for purposely skipping my birth control the night he spent 200 bucks on me at the bar and then took me home. But I got Cosmos out of it, and Miranda and Charlotte love their Cosmos while out on socialite scene of 13th Ave.

Benjamin: You are a classy fella. You know what’s gonna be awesome? When you return to school, and those “law school girls” in your class beat the ever living fuck out of you. I bet Crim Law is gonna be tense tomorrow. And you know what’s great about it? They’re law students, so dollars to donuts, they know how to kill you and get away with it.

(H/T Jezebel)

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Hmm. The guy has issues. He's really a coward, too, as your link is gone--ze blog has been deleted!

I just have to laugh because out of his anger and frustration from not getting any of those "law school girls" to date him, he posts his true colors for all future employers to see. So not only will he be dateless, thanks to his asinine post, he'll be jobless as well. What a comodity!

And god bless you Quiz Law: even though he tried to delete his blog, his idiocy will forever by chronicled on this page.

The clip was almost unfair to him. After reading the whole thing it's about Nancy Grace and Wendy Murphy!

Kinda funny in a semi sick sorta way.

Wow. I could give insight as to why he hates women...at least some. Really a law student eh? I know the guy. Can't believe he's married....with kids. Wow!