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This job stinks!

perfbottle.jpgLast week, Susan McBride filed a federal lawsuit in Detroit, claiming that her work environment is not conducive to her ability to do good work and that, in fact, it violates the American with Disabilities Act. Specifically, McBride is taking umbrage with the perfume being worn by a fellow employee of the city’s planning department. McBride says she’s very sensitive to perfumes and that this co-worker’s scent is gumming up the works.

The co-worker in question was also using a plug-in scented deodorizer and McBride claims that the smell of that combined with the perfume actually forced her to leave sick. And while the co-worker has acquiesced to McBride’s request to stop using the deodorizer, she is still wearing her vile, vile perfume.

McBride’s lawsuit wants a ban on smells at work and, of course, an unspecified amount of damages. And she might get some cash, too, as Nota Bene points out that a similar case led to a $10.6 million jury verdict.

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Would it change anything if she knew the perfume was a gift from Bob Vance? and that it was made of real pine?

Probably. but the fact that you have to ask means that you've got a lot to learn about this town, lady.

This is why I love our readers. Seriously, this may be my favorite 1-2 punch of comments ever. Kudos!

I actually was in this persons position once.

I am dreadfully allergic to a common scent base. I don't even have to smell the cologne/perfume, I start choking before I usually even smell it, and invariable start turning blue with an athsma attack.

I had a colleague once who kept a bottle of cologne in his desk he discovered I was allergic to. He would effin spritz his office with the stuff and every now and then he'd sneak into mine and do the same to mine. Everyone thought it was such a hilarious joke.

I eventually managed to get rid of the guy for other reasons, but I suffered big time until I did.

What's interesting is that we had meetings, me, the other officers of the corporation, the investors, the board, the head of HR... Etc. over this. None of us ever considered using legal action, nor being at risk for being sued over the whole thing because it was a smell. Hah, weren't we stupid!

I bet Susan here coughs all the way to the bank!