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Looks like we’re going to have to start checking ID…

blog17.jpgTurns out that QuizLaw is rated NC-17. Mingle2 has a little web page called “What’s My Blog Rated?”, which has some code that scans a blog’s frontpage and grants it an MPAA rating. And wouldn’t you know it, QuizLaw is so inappropriate that those under 18 shouldn’t read the site, even if they’ve got parental permission.

The more interesting thing here, of course, is looking at how “What’s My Blog Rated” comes up with its results. It’s tied to the number of times various words show up, and here’s what got us in trouble:

crack (appearing 8 times), sex (appearing 7 times), porn (appearing 5 times), anal (appearing 4 times), gun (appearing twice) and abortion (appearing once)

So there you go - sex, drugs, violence and abortion. That’s what they’re calling inappropriate for kids these days.

(Hat tip to idealawg, who seems surprisingly unsurprised at our naughty rating.)

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I hope your rating doesn't mean my employer blocks your site. Where else will I while away the hours at work... I mean, where else will I do my law research?

What's funny is that I just went there and plugged in two website names: a well-respected and reasonably clean writer's blog and a porn site... an OBVIOUS porn site. The porn site got a G rating while the blog got a PG-13.

I typed in the url for an online profile I have and received a PG for 3 instances of shit and 1 of steal. I typed in my friend's url and she received an R for 4 instances of shit and 1 of steal.

I'm sure the MPAA would like to have a talk with this site about the use of their trademark rating system.

I think the most amusing thing about about this rating hubub is the juxtaposition of your NC-17 rating and the increasingly frequent Mormon ads on the front page. Do they know, somehow, what deviant goings on abound here on QuizLaw? Are these ads here on purpose? Perhaps they are trying to save us all from ourselves...

I like how mingle2 also cites your use of the word "hurt" (1x). When did that word become offensive?