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BREAKING NEWS - When a boy is invited to touch a girl’s breasts, wild horses can’t keep him from doing so

breaking.jpgFriggin Utah, man. Check this out - Michelle Grosbeck hired a 14-year-old babysitter to watch after her 8-year-old son (who both remain unnamed, since they’re minors, so let’s call the babysitter “Janey” and the son “Bobby”). Rather than raiding the fridge and talking on the phone with her boyfriend, Janey made the rather poor decision to kill some of her babysitting time by playing a game of “truth or dare” with Bobby. And during this game, a dare fell to her, and Janey dared Bobby to touch her breasts. And Bobby, being an 8-year-old boy, of course went all touchy-feely.

When Mama Grosbeck came back, she said she just had an innate sense that there was something wonky going on. When she asked Bobby about it, “[h]e just came right out as if nothing was awry, and just started talking about what had happened.” So Mrs. Grosbeck went to the cops and child protection workers. The case was then turned over to the local district attorney and - get this - the boy was charged with lewd conduct!

Apparently, the Salt Lake County District Attorney felt that both Janey and Bobby were equally responsible for the situation Mrs. Grosbeck says “not so much,” and I have to agree with her. An eight-year-old boy who is invited to touch a pair of boobs (and within the confines of “truth or dare,” a dare really is tantamount to an invite) isn’t capable of saying “no.” Just not possible.

Seems the DA eventually came to its flipping senses, as the charges have since been dropped. However, the DA’s office is remaining mum on the whole situation, surely embarrassed that it has been busted for these preposterous shenanigans.

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hahaha- you said BUST-ed! No pun intended??? (sorry, I couldn't resist, I must be one of those law school sociopaths...)

not to be all snarky but this news is 2 years old.