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Common Sense Lesson #152

hitmanContracts.jpgIf you get convicted of a crime and want to enact vengeance on the prosecutor who got you locked up — well, first of all, that’s just a bad idea. You did the crime, take a licking and do your time. But if you must seek revenge, you might want not want to ask the judge who presided over your case if he’d like to be the hitman to do the job.

That’s what Bryan Connelly, a Texas man, did. Convicted of forgery charges, he sent a letter to Judge David Garner, offering him five grand to kill the prosecutor. Connelly also sent a letter to his attorney, offering him five grand to kill the judge and allegedly also saying: “If you decide not to kill Mr. Garner for me, I will kill him myself after I kill you.” Nice guy, that Bryan Connelly.

Judge Garner, meanwhile, said that Connelly was a defendant who “think[s] outside the box.” Which is certainly the polite way of saying he’s a bloody loon.